Funding Requests by External Organizations

InULA accepts proposals for funding to external organization’s following these guidelines:

  1. The requesting organization’s activity supports InULA’s Mission.
  2. The event must be open to all InULA members.
  3. The requested funds do not exceed $300.
  4. The requesting organization should publicize InULA’s support through public acknowledgement and/ or a physical presence (such as an information table at the event for InULA).

Additionally, InULA recommends to the requesting organization that the following be considered:

  1. Use of video/webinar/or other “not in person” mechanisms to broaden attendance at the activity/event.
  2. Proximity of the event to an IU campus.

To submit a request for funding to InULA, please include the following information:

  1. Name of requesting organization
  2. Contact for requesting organization (name, institution, email, phone)
  3. Date of application
  4. Funding request amount (up to $300)
  5. Title and date of activity
  6. Description of the activity/event and explanation of how and why InULA funds would enhance the experience for attendees and how the activity aligns with InULA’s mission.
  7. Description of how the requesting organization plans to publicize InULA’s support.

Please send electronically to the current InULA President.