About InULA

InULA was founded in the 1960’s to enable librarians to work together to
obtain faculty status. It continues now with two purposes: to promote
excellence in library service and to provide opportunities for continuing
education and professional development. InULA sponsors programs and
workshops, publishes a newsletter, the InULA Notes, gives Research
Incentive Grants to support the research of its members, awards a
scholarship, and sponsors an annual National Library Week Book Sale. Most
of the work of the organization is done by members working on

Anyone can become a member and serve on a committee. Those who hold a full-time position with a reporting line to the Indiana University Libraries can be regular members and hold office. Dues for regular members are $10. New full-time library employees receive their first year’s membership free. Associate membership is open to anyone who is not eligible for a regular membership, including, but not limited to: former librarians and staff of the Indiana University Libraries; faculty members of the Indiana University Department of Information and Library Science; retired librarians and staff of Indiana University Libraries. Associate member privileges include serving on committees. Dues for associate membership are $6. Student membership is available to any student on any campus of Indiana University. Dues are only $3 and student privileges include serving on committees, except Scholarships & Grants, InULA Notes subscription.

InULA is exempt from Federal Income Tax.
A copy (PDF) of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service is on file in the InULA Archives.

InULA Inclusivity Statement

As an association, we acknowledge that diversity is an integral component of our mission to promote excellence in library service and to provide librarians opportunities for continuing education and professional development. We embrace the diversity of our members, whose differing experiences, values, practices, and worldviews enrich our association and its activities. We are committed to fostering an environment of mutual concern and respect for the free expression of all members. We are inclusive, affirming all people regardless of age, culture, disability, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or veteran status.