InULA Research Incentive Fund Evaluation Rubric


  • Provides clear and achievable objectives and methodology for proposed project and/or dissemination.
  • Provides logical and well-argued rationale for the proposed project and/or dissemination.
  • Demonstrates that the outcomes of the project will have impact within the candidate’s field of librarianship and/or on their own professional development.
  • Funding request and budget are realistic and necessary for the project’s completion and/or dissemination.


4—Excellent. Applicant clearly and effectively articulates their responses and meets all of the criteria.

3—Commendable. Applicant articulates their responses satisfactorily and meets all or most of the criteria.

2—Fair. Applicant’s responses are at least partially satisfactory and meets some of the criteria.

1—Weak. Applicant’s responses are weak and does not meet most of the criteria.