Julieann V. Nilson InULA Scholarship: Application Procedures

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Application Procedures

  1. Fill out the InULA Scholarship application form, including a statement of
    purpose that reflects your philosophy of librarianship and career goals. In the
    case of incoming students, the applicants may choose to release the DILS
    application statement of purpose to the InULA Board rather than compose a new
    document. The statement of the winning applicant may be published in the
    association’s newsletter, InULA Notes.
  2. Submit one or more letters of reference addressing your professional qualifications. The letter(s) MUST be sent electronically to the Chair of the Grants and Scholarships Committee and should use the following guidelines:
    1. Letters of reference should be in Word or PDF format.  Letterhead from the reference’s organization is preferred.  Please name the file [Applicant’s Last Name]ReferenceLetter (e.g. SmithReferenceLetter.docx)
    2. The Subject line of the email sent to the Chair of the Grants and Scholarships Committee should be: Nilson Scholarship-[Applicant’s Name] (e.g. Nilson Scholarship-John Doe)
  3. Please provide your DILS GPA to the Chair of the Grants and Scholarships Committee if applicable. (An official transcript is not necessary.)


March 1.

All letters of reference should be sent via email attachment to:

Sherri Michaels

Head of Collection Management, Wells Library

Email: shmichae@indiana.edu